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As a host, you can obtain extra resources, gain managerial experience, get help completing important work, develop your team, bring in fresh perspectives, build your network, and more.


1.  Login & Complete Your Profile

  • After you receive an approval email, login to the portal to activate your profile.

  • You won’t need to create a username or password –just use “KP Single Sign On”.

  • Logging in for the first time prompts a pop-up that easily lets you enter the most important parts of your profile. A completed profile increases your chances of finding talent.

  • To add more or edit your profile later, click on “My Profile” and then “Edit Profile”.

2.  Scope & Post a Project 

  • Think about the work you want to accomplish & what someone will gain from working on it.

  • Consider what skills participants need, what roles they’ll fulfill, & how much time is needed.

  • If you need a thought partner to help you scope your project, email us:

  • When ready, select Create Project and input your project details. Submit a draft for approval and you will be notified via email when your project is live.

3.  Find Talent & Identify a Match

  • Our algorithm shows you participants who match your project needs. To view, navigate to your project in the portal and select the “applicants” tab. Here you can invite them to apply.

  • You can also use Talent Search to discover people by role, category or skill and invite users.

  • You will be emailed when a candidate applies. Reach out right away to a conduct 1:1 chat.

  • To view their application (navigate to your project and select the “applicants” tab), click the eyeball icon located to the right of their name. Also, view their profile by clicking their name.

  • Once you find a match, change the status of your applicant to “matched” in the portal.

4.  Launch the Project

  • Time to begin! Schedule a project launch meeting for everyone to kick off the project.

  • Schedule check-ins, decide on goals, clarify roles, define deliverables and expectations, agree on time commitment and communication channels. Create a team charter as necessary.

5.  Project Management & Pulse Checks

  • Keep the project on track with consistent communication. We recommend weekly check-ins.

  • Establish a plan to track milestones. Adhere to what was approved at the start of the project.

  • Remember that this is a “give and get” program so be sure to continually provide guidance, constructive feedback and mentorship to your participants throughout the project.

  • Give your project team a positive experience by staying engaged and checking in frequently.

6.  Complete Project & Share 

  • Once the project is complete, celebrate!

  • Share feedback, reflect on what went well and what could be improved for next time.

  • Share your successes and outcomes with your manager and colleagues.

  • Share your successes and outcomes with your participant’s manager and your colleagues.

  • Invite others to join the community by sending them this “request to join” link.

  • Post another project or consider trying a new role such as participating on a project.

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