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Advance. Collaborate. Engage.

Be an ACE

Whether you have come here to advance your career, collaborate and network, or engage your team, Stretch@KP can help you! 

We want every employee to be empowered to thrive at work.

Learn New Skills


Advance your career by working on projects outside of your usual routine.

Save Money


There is no cost to join the community, host, or participate in a project.

Build your Network

Collaborate with other departments and across regions or functions.

Get Fresh Perspectives


Tapping into new parts of the organization brings new insights and ideas.

Gain Management 


Create opportunities to lead work and manage others.

Benefits of Stretch@KP

Develop your Team

Drive employee engagement, productivity and retention with projects that motivate and inspire.

Support Diversity


Provides equitable access to all employees, and removes barriers from role hierarchy or silos. 

Ignite your Passion


Apply your skills to work you are passionate about or test drive something completely new.

Connect to the Cause

Work on purposeful, mission-driven projects that align with your values and make a real impact.

Complete Postponed Work

Take action with motivated employees, while overcoming constraints.

How it works

1. Join &
Complete Profile

  • Fill out “Request to Join” form

  • Once approved, complete your profile

  • Hosts: scope and post your project.

2. Match
Host & Participant

  • Search for projects or talent for your project 

  • Our algorithm will help match you or your project with the talent that fits your needs.

3. Launch

  • Project launch meeting with everyone

  • Schedule check-ins, outline deliverables 

  • Begin work

4. Finish 
& Assess

  • Celebrate

  • Share feedback

  • Check out more projects

  • Consider trying a new role


Critical Roles

Host is the project owner who creates, scopes, posts and manages their Stretch Project and the participants they choose to work on the project.

Participant is the person who applies for and takes part on a Stretch Project.

Manager(s) of those participating and hosting a project play a critical role as advocates. They give approval for work to be done outside their employees' usual work scope and should always be kept informed.

new critical roles.png

Good to know

Anybody can be a host or participant.

For example, an individual contributor can host projects. You do not need to be a manager to be a host.

An individual can fulfill more than one role at any given time.

For example, you can participate on someone else's project and host your own project at the same time.

One project can have multiple roles.

For example, a project can have two hosts and five participants with varying roles. 

How to use Stretch@KP website

This is the public-facing site (where you currently are), which can be used to:

  • learn about Stretch@KP and join

  • get resources to assist with the program

  • answer FAQs

  • read success stories 

this website.PNG

​Once you join and are part of the community, you can login with KP Single Sign-On to "the portal." This is where you:

  • search for projects

  • create and post projects

  • search for talent

portal website.PNG
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