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  • How do I sign up for Stretch@KP?
    Click “Join” in top right corner on our website to sign up. We'll get back to you within 2 business days. Once approved, you’ll instantly gain access to finding new experiences and the ability to post projects and view available participants.
  • The website is asking me for a username and password?
    If you are already a member of Stretch@KP, then you do NOT need a username or password. You will use SSO to sign in. If the website asks you for one, simply scroll down until you see the KP Single Sign-On button and select.
  • How do I invite others to join Stretch@KP?
    Loginto the portal and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you will see a field where you can invite colleagues (see picture below.) We encourage you to invite at least one colleague to the program! Or send them this link:
  • A video is not playing, or a link I have been sent to, is not working."
    These links and videos are only viewable by KP employees. Make sure you are logged into your KP network and try again. The link is most likely taking you to a SharePoint site, whereas the video is most likely trying to play from Microsoft Stream. If you are still having issues, contact us at
  • The website isn’t displaying properly. What should I do?
    We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. Our browser is not compatible with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Download, install and make Google Chrome your default browser. For steps and a video tutorial, click here. If you are still having issues, contact us at
  • I’m an IT employee. How should I recharge my time?
    IT employees should use the training and development code in RPM to log their time spent on Stretch@KP projects.
  • I’m already working on a Stretch Project outside of the Stretch@KP program. What are the benefits of adding my project to the program?
    If you or your employee is already working on a Stretch Project, we encourage you to submit it through our program to formally document the work that is being done. We can help you document your hard work and professional development journey. By including your project in the program, you will also gain access to the Stretch@KP community made up of individuals like you who are making a difference at KP!
  • My question is not here. I still need help.
    Please check out our resources page for help navigating the program. If you still have a question, please email us at
  • What time commitment is expected of me as a participant?
    Time commitment varies by project. Most projects take between 2 to 8 hours a week and last for 3 to 6 months. (However, projects could last anywhere from only one day to over a year.) Project demands range considerably so be sure to review the project details and understand commitment levels and balance it with your core job, which will always take priority.
  • I want to be a competitive candidate. What should I do?
    Build a robust profile. Here’s a list of must-haves: A description of you and your experiences Five skills (minimum) you’re a master in Five skills (minimum) you wish to improve Hours per week that you're available Months you can reasonably take on a project Most important is to include your current skills and skills you wish to develop! It’s difficult for hosts to evaluate you if your profile is too general.
  • I'm interested in pursuing a Stretch Project, but scared that I will fail or won’t have enough time. How can I ensure that I'll succeed and not work too much?"
    We encourage anyone considering a Stretch Project to review your current and future commitments individually and with your manager before signing up. Sometimes this can be a fruitful exercise to evaluate ways to be more productive in general and how you might reprioritize work so that you can focus on development goals. Also, discussing development time with your manager can help ensure a mutual agreement before starting the project.
  • I’m interested in applying to a Stretch Project but I’m not sure I have enough experience. Should I still apply?
    Yes, we encourage you to apply to the project and talk to the host. This program is designed for you to share your expertise as well as to help develop skills and further your career.
  • Hosts are reaching out to me to work on their projects!  Can I work on multiple projects?
    Yes, only if you have the capacity and energy to do so. We recommend starting with one Stretch Project to begin and expanding from there.
  • I don't want to or cannot do this project anymore. What are my options?
    Communicate, communicate, communicate. Contact the project host and do it as soon as possible. Before dropping out of a project, please email us at As relationship managers, we can assist with resolving issues, difficulties, and misunderstandings to help find a best path forward.
  • Can I also be a host or manager for Stretch@KP?
    Yes, as long as your capacity and performance allow. Many of our users pursue this approach to “give and get” from Stretch@KP.
  • What is expected of me as a host?
    When you host a project, you’ll essentially be managing an employee. You’ll need to scope your project, set a clear vision and objectives for the work, and have a plan in place to execute. You'll also need to make yourself available to provide feedback and guidance to ensure your project team meets objectives. Some best practices are: • Set clear expectations from the beginning • Give feedback frequently and throughout the process • Imagine yourself growing alongside the participant with this experience
  • Why should I host a Stretch@KP project?
    Project hosts can source internal talent with diverse skills, energy, and perspectives on projects at no cost* while supporting employee development. Sourcing from within KP also leverages knowledge of KP culture, internal relationships, and passion to add value and “stretch” outside of their core jobs. *If travel is demanded, host departments typically cover it.
  • What kind of talent and skills can I expect to find in Stretch@KP participants?
    KP has a deep and diverse pool of talent and skills, meaning that Stretch@KP is likely to have the quality you’re looking for in a participant. This is an enterprise-wide program with employees representing a beautiful diversity of functions, regions, levels, demographics, and backgrounds. Stretch@KP participants are more likely to be high performers and be promoted than the average KP employee. So, the pool you’re picking from is star quality.
  • Can I also be a participant or manager for Stretch@KP?
    Yes, as long as your capacity and performance allow. Many of our users pursue this approach to “give and get” from Stretch@KP.
  • How do I submit a project to Stretch@KP?
    Once you join the program, you will be able to create your project and submit for approval. Click “Create a Project” on the upper right-hand corner of your screen once logged into the portal. The page will walk you through the process of scoping what you’d like accomplished. Once finished, hit submit and within 48 hours, a representative from the Stretch@KP team will be in touch with questions, clarifications, and final approval if all goes well. (If we have no questions, then we’ll post it and you can start inviting candidates right away.) Also, we recommend posting projects at least a month prior to their start date so you have adequate time to recruit and interview.
  • Can I host multiple projects at a given time?
    Yes, although we recommend starting with just one. Remember, each project you host will involve you acting as a manager to each participant on your project.
  • I need to source additional participants after the project has started. How do I do that?
    You can continue to recruit and add new participants through the Stretch@KP portal. Just login and navigate to your project. Edit it and add more roles to recruit.
  • If a participant is experiencing a heavier workload than usual from their home department that is detracting from my project. What should I do?
    First, communicate your concern with your participant and their manager. It is possible that some deadlines can be adjusted and/or re-prioritized so that things can feel more balanced. If the problem persists, please contact the Stretch@KP team at to discuss the situation.
  • Something came up. Can I transition my project to another host?
    Yes. You must first start by identifying a person willing and able to host the project moving forward. Next, schedule a conversation with your participant(s) and his or her manager. With all three, you’ll need to work closely to onboard the new host, reestablish project objectives and deliverables, and ensure a smooth transition.
  • How should I communicate with my teammate's manager?
    For a Stretch@KP project to be successful, we think it’s crucial for hosts to engage with participants’ managers. At the kick-off meeting of any Stretch@KP project, we strongly recommend hosts to determine the best method and frequency of manager communication. Regardless of whether it’s monthly, weekly, or on an ad hoc basis, it’s important to set those expectations so that managers can most effectively balance a participant’s workload.
  • What is expected of me as a manager who wants my employee to participate/host?
    Being a manager of a Stretch@KP member can help develop and reenergize your employees while at the same time delivering value to KP. As a Stretch@KP advocate, you agree that employee development is an investment and that you will share your employee's time for the Stretch project opportunity. We recommend you attend the project launch meeting and decide how often you would like to check in with your employee and their project teammates. Additionally, you can browse projects on our site and make project recommendations for your employee. Or host a project in your own department!
  • Why does my employee want to take on a Stretch@KP project?
    For some, Stretch@KP presents an opportunity to make an impact or explore something they are passionate about. In addition, participants have reported that they were looking for ways to gain professional experience, expand their networks, build new skills or gain perspective that could be applied to their current jobs. Others wanted to try something new as a way to re-energize or test out a a new skill. Whatever the reason, Stretch@KP is a great opportunity to provide a development experience for your employee while also advancing KP’s mission.
  • What if a changing business need requires my employee to pause or give up the Stretch project?
    Emergencies happen, and that is okay. Managers will always have an ultimate say on their employee’s time. However, please plan, communicate, and delegate work to avoid these scenarios as much as possible. If a changing workload is unavoidable, communicate with the host to temporarily reduce the commitment level. Withdrawing from a project should be a last resort.
  • What can I do if my employee’s home department goals are suffering or taking more time than expected?
    Have a conversation with your employee to discuss a strategy for ensuring that all the goals are being met. If issues remain, work with the Project Host to find a solution. If necessary, you can also email to resolve issues related to workload.
  • I’m trying to reach out to the project host to work on co-managing my employee. What can I do?
    We have the expectation that project hosts will have a project launch meeting to establish what makes the most sense for staying in touch with you. However, if you have issues connecting with the host, please email and we will help facilitate that discussion.
  • I want to ensure that my employee’s opportunity lines up with his/her goals or IDP in some way.  How can Stretch@KP support this?
    Please work with your employee to articulate and draft his/her goals so that they will line up well with the broader vision for his/her career. When selecting a Stretch@KP project, your employee can browse for projects that meet his/her interests and help to develop specific skills. We also recommend that the Stretch@KP project is included in your employee’s goals in the performance management system.
  • Stretch Project
    A Stretch Project is any piece of work where resources are needed, that also provides an employee with the opportunity to build or hone an interest or skillset. It could be anything from creating strategy and processes, to bringing an idea to life, to an extra hand for an event.​ Stretch Projects serve a dual purpose of providing opportunities where employees can “stretch” developmentally, make connections, or work on something they’re passionate about, while at the same time completing a project that will help the organization / employees. Note: "Stretch Project" is used interchangeably with "Stretch@KP Project"
  • Community Members
    Anybody in our Stretch@KP community i.e. you requested to join, were approved, and can login to the portal to search or post projects = you are a Community Member in the program
  • Host
    A Stretch@KP community member who is the project owner who creates, scopes, posts and manages their Stretch Project and the participants they choose to work on the project. ​*Please note: An individual can fulfill more than one role at any given time. This means that an employee can be a host and participant at the same time. For example, you can be a participant on someone else's project and be a host on your own project simultaneously.
  • Participant
    A Stretch@KP community member who applies for and takes part on a Stretch Project. ​ ​*Please note: An individual can fulfill more than one role at any given time. This means that an employee can be a host and participant at the same time. For example, you can be a participant on someone else's project and be a host on your own project simultaneously.
  • Advocate
    Advocates are those who support employees participating in the the Stretch@KP program. Typically, managers of those participating and hosting a project are Advocates. They realize the benefits of Stretch@KP for their team and give approval for work to be done outside their employees' usual work scope.
  • Match
    When a community member has skills suitable to a project's needs or vice versa. As a host, our algorithm will show you participants who align to your project needs. As a participant, our algorithm will show you projects that align with your skills. You have "made a match" when a host and participant agree to work together on a Stretch Project.
  • Portal
    The portal is the web platform that you have to login to with Single Sign-On. In the portal, you have a personalized Workspace, and this is where you manage your profile, search for projects or talent, and create and manage your projects.
  • Public site (aka public-facing site)
    This "public-facing site" is the website you can view without having to login. (It is currently where you are.) Here you can learn more about what is Stretch@KP, how it works, and the benefits of the program. You can also view helpful resources that explain how to use and optimize the program, FAQs, and read success stories. Anybody can view this website (whereas you have to have an NUID and be a Community Member to view the portal).
  • Our algorithm
    Our matching algorithm is comprised of 6 categories – and the most critical component is the “skills I have” and “skills I want to develop” from the community member profile. It is important to complete these fields in your profile in order to effectively match to opportunities that meet your interests and skill areas. The algorithm uses these fields (as well as other categories) to assess the match to Critical Skills and Requested Skills in the project overview.
  • Passion Project
    A passion project allows an employee to support work on a topic that excites or inspires them and may not be directly related to their core role and region/function. In order to post a passion project on our platform it must fit the below criteria: The project outcome is aligned with KP’s business strategy and initiatives for example: Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, Mental Health and Wellness, Business Resource Groups goals If the project outcome benefits an outside organization, that organization must be aligned with KP’s business strategy and initiatives and has been vetted by the Community Benefit team The project must provide an employee with the opportunity to build or hone a specific skillset
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