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You’re now ready to start looking for the perfect match for your project, use this guide to help you think about what kind of questions you might ask.

Preparing for the discussion

Review your project in the portal and be prepared to cover any and all items you proposed in your project. Also, take the time to look at the participant's application.


Spend time at the beginning of the discussion introducing yourself and your role, as well as clarifying how the project came to be and a vision for how you see the work coming to fruition. Discuss how this work is contributing to Kaiser Permanente.


Consider what role you are hoping this participant will fill and how the overall project can contribute to the participant’s desired development. How will you as the host be contributing to the participant’s development?


Articulate next steps for the participant. When will you make your decision and when do you plan to start the project? Who else will be on the team?

Questions to ask

  1. Can you tell me briefly about yourself (your background and current responsibilities)?

  2. Why are you interested in this project?

  3. What skills would you bring to this project?

  4. What do you hope to get out of this project (what skills do you hope to develop)?

  5. Can you describe the current support of your manager for you to take on a project (do they give full support or are there any concerns they have)?

  6. Why do you think you should be selected for this project (how do you believe you will drive the success of this project)? 

  7. What is your time capacity for this project work? (Let them know the anticipated weekly time commitment and to confirm they can dedicate this amount of time to the project.)

  8. Do you have any questions about the deliverables or expectations for this project?

  9. Have you participated on a Stretch@KP project before? (Ask what made it successful or lessons learned.)

How to Change an Application Status

Please note: we kindly ask that you respond to all individuals who have applied to your project. After you choose someone for your project, you should let the other applicants know – even if you didn’t interview them. It's courteous and good etiquette to respond to every person who has expressed an interest in the work!

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