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Some tips on how to provide constructive feedback and how to submit it through the platform.

How to Provide Quality Feedback

Feedback is critical to growth. Giving feedback is a skill and takes practice to get it right. Below are some tips to consider as you practice giving constructive and effective feedback.

Feedback should be continuous 

Simple and consistent feedback intended to help and refine performance provides more opportunities for individuals to learn and grow with greater agility and it can boost team collaboration and engagement.  

Feedback should be specific

Avoid vague comments and give specific examples so teammates know exactly what was done that was successful and how to replicate this success in future projects. 

Feedback should be fixable

Give constructive feedback that provides a prescription. If giving improvement suggestions, the receiver should have a clear understanding of what they need to do to improve their work.

Feedback should be prompt

Give feedback as soon as possible. If you are providing feedback on a presentation or work product, set a meeting for a few days after the event.

Have a two-way conversation 

Don’t talk at someone when it’s far more effective to open up the conversation and talk with them. Let the receiver respond to your feedback and ask follow-up questions.

Be positive

The purpose of giving feedback is to improve the situation or the person's performance. You won't accomplish that by being harsh or critical. Let them know what they are doing well. 

How To Submit Feedback in the Portal

There is always something to share in terms of helpful feedback! Our site provides you with two different feedback forms which we hope you leverage with your project.

 Stretch@KP Program Check-ins

1. One month after the launch of your project, log back into the portal and you will see a banner pop up at the top of your Workspace:

feedback button.JPG

2. Click on the “Give Feedback” button. This form asks:

  • Your current satisfaction with your project? 

  • What do you like?

  • What do you wish?

  • What do you wonder?

  • Are you getting what you wanted out of this project?

These banners will appear every other month to gather continuous feedback during the duration of your project. This feedback will only be provided to the Stretch@KP team so that we can continue improving the program and the overall experience for our members. However, we will reach out to hosts or participants if the data indicates that there are persistent issues with the project experience.

Project Team Feedback and Endorsements 

At the completion of your project, you will have an opportunity to provide feedback for the program, as well as for individual project participant(s) and host(s).  

1. Hosts must mark their project as complete in the portal. Completing this action activates the feedback form for them. (click link to leave this page and jump to How to Close Out a Project video)

2. Once hosts mark the project as complete in the portal, participants can then login to the portal and will see a banner pop up at the top of their Workspace:

endorsements button.JPG

3. Click on the “View Endorsements" button. To see your review, you first need to provide feedback for the project and your teammates. Click on the "Give Feedback" button and fill out form.

This form gives you the opportunity to provide:​

  • Private feedback for your teammates (that will only be visible to the recipient)

  • Public endorsements for your teammates (the recipient will be able to choose whether to make your endorsement public)

  • Rate your experience with Stretch@KP as a program 

  • Advice for us to help shape the future of Stretch@KP

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