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How to leverage Stretch@KP to empower your team and drive business results.

Develop your Team

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Empower your team

Help your people find the right professional development opportunities that are aligned with their passions and goals.


Develop future leaders

Have leaders-in-the-making on your team? Provide them with the experience they need to grow in their careers by having them host a project and/or supporting their participation as Team Leads on Grow.Stretch.Innovate. (GSI) projects. Learn more about GSI here

Leverage new skills and relationships

Stretch@KP provides experience-based opportunities for employees to develop their skills and network – which they bring back to your team.

Drive employee satisfaction and retention

In addition to employees finding new motivation through Stretch Projects, you also get a better understanding of your team member’s passions and aspirations. Incorporate this invaluable insight to align their interests and skills appropriately with their current work.

Drive Business Impact

Save money

Stretch@KP provides a no-cost option for recruiting the right talent to execute on mission-critical work.

Get more work done

​Execute on core work faster or leverage Stretch@KP to tackle those needed projects that have been sitting on the shelf.

Diversity creates better outcomes

Stretch@KP gives you access to talent from a variety of KP regions and functions. Diversity brings fresh insights, new energy, and drives higher quality business results.

Build more robust succession plans

Leveraging Stretch@KP for resources allows you to work with motivated individuals across the organization - which helps you identify a pipeline of talent to put into your succession plans.

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