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Guidance on what to discuss for the first (and most important) meeting to kick off the project.

Congratulations on Matching!

Now the real fun begins. This is an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and get to results! First, let's take a moment to pause and acknowledge that leaning into something new can be full of emotions, such as excitement and fear. The next step is to invest the time with the steps below in order to ensure a successful start and an overall positive experience for everyone involved. 

Leaning Into a New Team

Get to know the team 

Create the space to have open dialogue on team members' preferences, what skills they bring to the project, and what they want to work on. Brainstorm with the team so you can leverage everyone's perspective to achieve the goal. 

Think creatively 

Encourage all ideas and keep an open mind to come up with new ways of seeing and doing things. Your team should be encouraged to explore different avenues for fostering creativity and accomplishing work goals with a curious mindset. 

Have empathy 

Exercise emotional intelligence by putting aside your own viewpoint and see things from the other person's perspective. Always assume positive intent and be willing to adapt. 

Clarify the work 

Have clear outcomes and make sure everyone knows what action items they are accountable for and whom they can reach out to for assistance. Provide context around what success looks like, the final deliverable, and how many hours a week you anticipate each role will need to dedicate to the project. 

Document it 

Use collaboration tools and have a source of truth that documents team members' availability, expectations, and responsibilities. Clearly outline who will be doing what. Keep standing follow-up meetings to address any challenges early. 

Agenda for Project Launch Meeting

Introductions - 5 minutes

This will be the first time the entire team is going to meet each other. Ask everyone to introduce themselves to the group and break the ice. 

Project Objective - 5 minutes 

  • Review the project objective 

  • Why it is important 

  • Intended project outcome 

Team Expectations - 20 minutes

  • Review, discuss and agree on the various components of the team charter

  • Review meeting structure, to include: day of the week, time, frequency

  • Role Expectations: Discuss what will each role be responsible for 

Collaboration Tools - 20 minutes 

  • What collaboration tools does the team want to use? For example: 

    • Create an MS Teams channel for your team

    • Box 

    • SharePoint 

Q & A - 10 minutes

Leave time available for questions and any additional walk-on items 

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