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Business Team

The Power of Stretch@KP

Hear from KP employees who participated in the Stretch@KP pilot program.

Employees share why they support Stretch@KP

Watch: 2 minute video

Video produced by Jason Hermosa, associate IT consultant, as a Stretch@KP project.


  • Deborah Gee, Participant 

  • Dr. Nirav Shah, Host

  • William Caswell, Ambassador

  • Mattie Hall, Participant 

  • Carole Ransom, Manager 

  • Daphne Gowans, Participant 

  • Eugene Cho, Ambassador

It's an innovative and non-traditional way to develop talent.

COO West LA Medical Center, Eugene Cho


I’m more excited about the company because they’re giving me this opportunity to stretch.

 Risk & Liability Claims specialist, Mattie Hall


Any chance we can invest more in our own people to show them other parts of the organization... it keeps our good people inside KP. 

SVP COO Clinical Operations, Dr. Nirav Shah


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