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Incorporate your Stretch Project into Individual Development Plans and Total Performance.

Document your Contributions

to the organization as well as to your own individual growth    

Stretch@KP offers endless possibilities to develop skills, knowledge, and experience – that can be used to demonstrate progress on your Individual Development Plan (IDP), execute on key Total Performance goals, or simply to explore your curiosity about different skills and/or areas of work.


Document Stretch@KP opportunities into your IDP as ways in which you achieve specific development goals

Your IDP is typically where your specific development goals are defined and tracked, and it is not part of your performance reviews. It is completely driven by your unique development goals and interests. Your IDP is a dynamic living document which is intended to guide you in your professional journey.

Stretch@KP is an excellent tool to use as you strive to close skill gaps you identified from your self-assessments and discussions with your manager. You can use Stretch@KP to access actual experience activities that provide you with experiential, on-the-job learning as well as exposure activities which gives you the opportunity to learn through others. 

Consider documenting your various Stretch@KP opportunities into your IDP as ways in which you achieve specific development goals outlined in your plan – either by hosting a project or as a participant in a project that aligns with your development area.


Incorporate your Stretch@KP experiences into your total performance goals

Most of your Total Performance goals are cascaded down and aligned appropriately within your organization. Below are some ideas for how you might incorporate your Stretch@KP experiences into your total performance goals.

As you develop these goals with your Manager, explore if there are opportunities to leverage Stretch@KP to achieve the measurable outcomes associated with these goals. 


If yes, you can develop a specific Stretch@KP project to support that work, document it in the system, and finally highlight and document the experience and outcomes during performance review discussions with your manager.


Explore how your Stretch@KP experiences have helped you develop and grow across the Core KP Behaviors.  

Most specifically participating or hosting projects within the program are best aligned to Develops Self and Others as defined in KP’s Core Behaviors. (download document for reference below)

Consider documenting your Stretch@KP projects in this section of your Total Performance goals (either as host or participant) as ways in which you’ve focused on “Develops Self and Others”. 

Use these key items in your description (these can be cut and pasted from your Stretch@KP Project Overview)

  • ​Project Title or Description

  • Project Outcomes

  • Your specific learnings via this experience

  • Feedback from your hosts or participants on the Stretch Project

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