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Did you have the best Stretch@KP project team ever and want everyone to know about it? Here's how.

How to Recognize Your Stretch@KP Project Team


Don't forget to take a moment to just celebrate and acknowledge the work that has been accomplished. Hop on call or send an email or handwritten card congratulating your Stretch@KP teammates for a job well done.

Provide praise

Incorporate time for praise into your final closeout meeting at the completion of your project. Also, utilize the feedback and endorsements tool in the Stretch@KP portal to share public and private praise. You can also use the Microsoft Teams Praise App to provide a quick and personal outreach acknowledging individual contributions. Finally, use the Praise Button on our Yammer site to post a more public celebration of success to the Stretch@KP community.

yammer praise button.png

Acknowledge successful moments

Post a shout out on our Yammer site. A quick recognition using the format below is a great way to acknowledge your teammates and celebrate small milestones that can lead to big results. Also, tag them and add a gif or attach an image. Search for images here to attach. 

"I’d like to take a moment to celebrate m(insert teammate or team name) for (insert successful moment). This was important for me to share with all of you because (insert the impact it has on you, the team, or the organization)."    

yammer attach pic.png

Let others know how they helped you

Share out and highlight the skills you learned or developed on the project. Give a shout out to those who helped you become better or helped you learn something new. 

Connect on social  

Connect with teammates on LinkedIn and endorse them for skills utilized on the project. You can also add a project to your LinkedIn profile and add them as a team member on it.

Nominate team 

Email the Stretch@KP team and nominate your project or someone from your team for a success story.

Let their manager know  

Send an email to a teammate's manager acknowledging the employee’s participation on the project and the work they helped to accomplish. Identify some specific strengths the employee exhibited while working on the project. Thank their manager for sharing the talent of their employee with others in the organization and contributing to OneKP. 

Spread the impact

Invite teammates to present your final project work to your department. Also, tie their efforts to a bigger purpose - for example, show how their work might indirectly improve member experience or drive KP's mission forward.

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