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What to think about when scoping and creating your project and how to post your project on the platform.

How to Create a Project in the Platform

Scoping Your Project


What is The Context of This Project?

Which department is this project is contributing to? What does that department do for KP? What problem is the project addressing? 


What are You Hoping to Achieve Through This Project?

Share what success looks like. What are you trying to accomplish? Is there a final deliverable (e.g. presentation, report, video, event planning, etc)? What will your participants be able to say they accomplished for you at the end of the project?


How Will Participants Benefit from Working on This Project?

Share with participants why they should join your project. Will the participants be able to engage with senior leaders? Will they learn a new skill? Will they receive coaching or mentoring? Perhaps they will get to present their work to your department. 

Project Roles

It is important to think about what kind of roles participants will need to fill in order to have a successful project. For example, maybe you are trying to create a new program and need a program coordinator to help plan for all of your logistical needs. Also keep in mind, you can have multiple roles for one project.


You'll need to identify the below to create your roles:

  • Name of Role

  • Role Type

  • Role Description

  • Roles Needed

  • On-Site or Remote

  • Hours/Week

  • Skills Requested

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