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Landing Your Dream Job with Stretch@KP

Rashida Mcclenton’s Story

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Rashida Mcclenton joined Kaiser in the Regional Health Education department over 15 years ago. She transitioned roles several times and was a Project Manager in the The Permanente Federation when she learned about Stretch@KP through the BRG, KPAAPA. At the time, Rashida wanted to change up her routine and was looking for something different to try. She wanted to get out of the meeting room and explore something a little bit more fun.

Joining Stretch@KP as a participant, Rashida said she wasn’t really sure what she wanted to do but knew she had a passion for learning and development. She applied to be part of a project that was in an area she was interested in learning more about. Additionally, it was hosted by a department that she want to network within. Rashida’s project involved organizing a workshop for students, parents, and caregivers that focused on mental health and wellness, physical wellness, and financial wellness. She found speakers to talk at the offsite, as well as coordinated registration, set up and giveaways for the event.  

If you're trying to get visibility, Stretch@KP is a great way to do just that.

One of Rashida’s personal goals was to leave a good impression on one host in particular, so that they might have an opportunity to work together in the future. During the Stretch project, Rashida informed her that she was looking to work in the Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity space. Fast forward a couple years later, that same host, reached out to notify her that there was an opening in the EID department. “Once I read the job description, I knew that role was written for me,” Rashida says. After applying and interviewing, Rashida landed her dream job as their new consultant. 

Crediting the visibility her project provided her, she is thankful that Kaiser supports growth and mobility of all their employees with programs like Stretch@KP. Rashida advises, “Participants can leverage their Stretch project experience to build skills, gain exposure, and grow their network. If you're trying to get visibility, Stretch@KP is a great way to do just that. Without that project, our paths would not have crossed.” Rashida went on to participate in three more projects and continues to be an avid supporter of Stretch@KP.

    Once I read the job description, I knew that role was written for me. 

Rashida’s advice is for people looking to host a project: Don’t let someone's lack of experience, hinder your thoughts about selecting them to work on your project. Take a chance on someone who wants to grow because a person's passion can outway their limited experience. Share your expertise and make it an opportunity for them to stretch themselves. You might be pleasantly surprised and even find someone you’ll want to hire later!

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