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Learn more about Stretch@KP and the value it brings to the organization and our people.

Real KP employees share their experience

Watch: 5 minute video

A host, a participant, and a manager share their experience and how they used the program. This video tells the story of how Stretch@KP:

  • enabled a host to resource important work

  • supported the professional development of an employee

  • provided a new and effective platform for managers to support their employee’s growth within the organization

"For me as a Host, Stretch@KP is creating opportunities for people to grow and develop so they can be even better employees in your department."

Vice President, Okorie L Ramsey


"Stretch@KP allowed me to do work that I’m really passionate about and fulfill my goals."

Executive Consultant, Rashida Mcclenton


Stretch@KP offers a wonderful opportunity to not only learn, but practice and apply new skills... It’s just a great program that every manager should take advantage of."

Senior Director of Finance, Roni Jacknow


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