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Best practices and what to know and be prepared for before you start your first project.


Identify the work you need help with upfront

Before posting a project, clearly identify the pieces of work you want Stretch@KP participants to support. Identifying the work you want to complete will set clear expectations for community members and will give you a better understanding of how you can best utilize your resources.

Make sure you have the bandwidth to lead your project

It is essential to make sure you have time to meet with potential candidates who apply for your project, so you can select the right participant(s) for your project. Once you’ve selected your resources you will also need time to engage with your Stretch@KP project team to provide guidance, feedback, and manage the work.

Start the recruiting process early

It can take, on average, about 3-5 weeks to find a resource for your project. Consider posting your project five weeks ahead of your expected start date. This allows you enough time to find the best resources to fit your needs.​

Establish an efficient screening process

Establish an efficient screening process by writing out the specific questions you want to ask your applicants. In addition to ensuring potential candidates have the skills needed to get the job done, it is important to understand what they want to get out of the project. This ensures you are aligned on expectations, and everyone is getting what they want out of the experience. Additionally, if the work is flexible, you can give participants portions of the project aligned with areas they would like to grow in. (See 1:1 chat guide for a list of proposed questions to get you started.)

Be clear about the goals, roles, and expectations

When selecting participants, you must be clear on what you expect from them and how you envision them contributing to the team goal. Spell out what success looks like so they know what is expected of them.

Communication is important!

Communicate a timeline for the next steps in your screening process to all applicants you interview. If you choose not to move forward with a candidate, let them know. If your business needs change and you no longer have the bandwidth to drive the project forward, communicate it to the Stretch@KP team as soon as possible. 

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