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Be an Advocate

Develop your team

Provide your team the opportunity to step outside of their day-to-day responsibilities and take on a challenging new task, project or role.


Your employees can develop new networks, knowledge and skill sets that only experiential training can provide. Propel your development tools to new heights, and at no cost to your department.

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Keep your employees engaged

Drive employee engagement, productivity and retention with projects that motivate and inspire. 

Give employees the opportunity to experience something new that will expand their knowledge. Allowing your team to participate in activities that matter to them results in happier and more productive teams. 

 Be at the forefront of innovation

Innovation is critical to sustaining growth and remaining competitive. Creating a culture of innovation relies on programs like Stretch@KP.

Being a manager of a Stretch@KP community member generates sustained ideation and can help reenergize your employees - while at the same time delivering value to KP.

Business Brainstorming

Use Stretch@KP to: 

Make recommendations for employee development
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Choose projects or skills you want your employees to work on.

Have your department or team host a project
Team Talk

Leverage the program to get more resources to complete department initiatives.

Employees can search for projects that interest them  
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Allow employees to work on something they want to learn more about. 

More Information

What is expected of me as a manager who wants my employee to participate/host?

As an advocate for a Stretch@KP member, you agree that employee development is an investment and that you will share your employee's time for the Stretch Project opportunity. We recommend you attend the project launch meeting and decide how often you would like to check in with your employee. In addition, you can browse projects on our site and make project recommendations for your employee. 

Why does my employee want to take on a Stretch@KP project?

For some, Stretch@KP presents an opportunity to make an impact or explore something they are passionate about. In addition, participants have reported that they were looking for ways to gain professional experience, expand their networks, build new skills or gain perspective that could be applied to their current jobs. Others wanted to try something new as a way to re-energize or test out a a new skill. Whatever the reason, Stretch@KP is a great opportunity to provide a development experience for your employee while also advancing KP’s mission.


“This is an opportunity for employees to grow in areas outside the scope of your team.”


—  Brandy Lappi, Director

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