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Advance your career

Collaborate and network

Engage your team 

What is Stretch@KP?


Stretch@KP is a program that enables connections across the entire organization by matching Kaiser Permanente employees who want to professionally or personally advance themselves, with those in need of resources. 


We encourage new ways of working, increase employee engagement, and help people find their passion - all while driving results for the organization. We want to increase collaboration across KP by inspiring and mobilizing talent at all levels, and across all divisions, so every employee has equitable access to opportunities.

Join the community to discover diverse projects across the organization to participate in or host your own!

what is stretch@kp

Participate on a Project

  • Gain hands-on experience

  • Ignite your passion

  • Develop new skills 

Host a Project

  • Get help fast

  • Gain management experience

  • Accomplish postponed work

Be an Advocate

  • Empower your team

  • Retain great employees

  • Leverage new relationships


"The exposure I got from Stretch@KP helped me land my dream job"
“The project I hosted helped me develop my managerial skills in the real world.”
"This is an opportunity for employees to grow in areas outside the scope of your team.”
"​Stretch@KP is a great example of harnessing the energy and passion of smart, innovative and dedicated employees to come together and make KP even better. This effort will contribute to us becoming One KP."
- Bernard J. Tyson
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