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Participate on a Project

Level up your skillset

Learn new skills and strengthen existing ones. Advance your career by working on projects outside of your usual routine. Test out something you have been curious to learn more about.

Get the hands-on experience that you can only get from doing something, rather than just reading about it or seeing it being done. Work on real projects that solve real problems.  

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Expand your network

Build your network and make new connections throughout the organization. Collaborate with other departments and across regions or functions.

​Get fresh perspectives that you can apply to your core work by tapping into new parts of the organization. Working with new teams brings fresh insights, outside feedback and new ideas.

Ignite your passion

Apply your skills to work you are passionate about or test-drive something completely new. People use Stretch@KP to work on something they already know they are excited about, and also, to explore and discover new interests.  

Connect to the cause by doing mission-driven work. Gain satisfaction from doing something that is making an actual impact in the communities we serve.


What to expect as a participant

Request to Join

& Create a Profile

  • Tell your colleagues who you and how you’d like to grow.

  • A completed profile increases your chances of matching.

Browse Projects

& Apply to Projects

  • Search projects by category, keywords, hours or skills.

  • Scroll to open positions to apply for a role. 

Two-Way Discussion

& Get Matched

  • Meet the project host to see if it's a good fit

  • Discover if the project is what you are expecting.

Project Launch &
Project Management

  • Attend project launch meeting to discuss deliverables and goals.

  • Begin the project and check-in along the way. 

Pulse Checks

& Complete Project

  • Provide feedback for your teammates. 

  • Once finished, celebrate and share your work.

More Information

What kind of time commitment am I expected to make as a participant?

Time commitment varies by project. Most projects take between 2 to 8 hours a week and last for 3 to 6 months. However, projects could be anywhere from just a couple of hours on one day to lasting as long as a year. The project will list this information in the project scope so you can view it ahead of time.

Can I work on multiple projects?

Yes! If you have the capacity and energy to do so. We recommend starting with one Stretch Project to begin and expanding from there.

Do I need permission from my manager?

Yes, please talk to your manager prior to joining a Stretch Project. Any time spent on a project should be considered part of your standard 40-hour workweek so it's important for them to understand your workload. We have also found that the most successful projects include transparent communication between all stakeholders.


“The best part of Stretch@KP was being able to select interest-based assignments and choosing what I wanted to work on.” 


—  Juan Aguilar, Multi-Medium

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