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Host a project

Save time and money  

Get important work done while managing resource constraints. Get an extra hand on a project that your department may not have the funds for. Utilize KP employees rather than hiring a contractor.

Acquire specialists that already know KP culture, and can leverage internal relationships to assist you with moving projects to completion faster. Receive back-fill help or get work that keeps getting postponed, done with motivated employees. 

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Support diversity and innovation

Stretch@KP ensures equitable access to all employees. Projects open to everyone removes barriers from role hierarchy or silos. Make new connections with groups you may have had no interaction with otherwise.

Gain fresh perspectives and innovative insights by tapping into new parts of the organization. Get feedback from an outside view to improve your work and processes. 

Gain management experience

Share your knowledge and skills with driven employees. Improve your managing style by working with diverse teams. Create new opportunities to mentor and get feedback.

Gain management experience by leading and guiding others. Use your project work to get the knowledge you need for a promotion.


What to expect as a host

More Information

What kind of talent and skills can I expect to find in Stretch@KP participants?

This is an enterprise-wide program with employees representing a diversity of functions, regions, levels, demographics, and backgrounds. Skills vary from everything from project management to marketing to data analysis. Stretch@KP participants are more likely to be high performers and be promoted than the average KP employee.

Why should I host a Stretch@KP project?

Project hosts can source internal talent with diverse skills, energy, and perspectives on projects at no cost while supporting employee development and elevating KP as a whole.

Do I need to be a manager to be a host?

Nope, anybody can be a host or participant. For example, an individual contributor can host projects. 

What is a project?

Check out this link to learn all about Stretch@KP projects

Request to Join

& Create a Profile

  • Let prospective participants know who you are.

  • A completed profile increases your chances of matching.

Create a Project &
Submit for Approval

  • Input the project overview, deliverables, and how participants will benefit from working on this project.

Invite Talent &
Identify a Match

  • We’ll show you participants to invite whose skills match your needs. 

  • Meet applicants and choose your team.

Launch the Project &
Manage your Project

  • Schedule a project launch meeting to discuss goals &  deliverables.

  • Begin the project and check-in along the way. 

Wrap-up &
Complete your Project

  • Provide feedback for your teammates. 

  • Once finished, celebrate and share the completed project work.


“For me as a Host, Stretch@KP is creating opportunities for people to grow and develop so they can be even better employees in your department.” 


—  Okorie Ramsey, Vice President

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