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As a participant, you can learn new skills or develop existing ones, contribute to something you’re passionate about, collaborate with other departments or regions, try out something different, and more.


1.  Login & Complete Your Profile

  • After you receive an approval email, login to the portal to activate your profile.

  • You won’t need to create a username or password –just use “KP Single Sign On”.

  • Logging in for the first time prompts a pop-up that easily lets you enter the most important parts of your profile. A completed profile increases your chances of matching, and our algorithm uses skills you input to show you projects that may interest you.

  • To add more or edit your profile later, click on “My Profile” and then “Edit Profile”.

2.  Browse & Apply to Projects

  • Find your next opportunity by selecting Project Search and search projects by category, keywords, location, skills or hours to find one that may be a good fit for you.

  • Apply for a role by clicking on the project and then scrolling down to “open positions”. Once you apply for a role, the project host will be notified to reach out to you.

3.  Have 1:1 Chat & Get Matched

  • Schedule time to meet the host to learn more about the project and let them know why you are the perfect candidate. Feel free to email them directly to schedule a 1:1 meeting.

  • If you find it’s a great fit, have your manager's approval, and the host selects you to work on the project, you will be “matched”.Once matched, it’s time to begin the project.

4.  Launch the Project

  • The host should schedule a project launch meeting for everyone to kick off the project.

  • Schedule check-ins, decide on goals, clarify roles, define deliverables and expectations, agree on time commitment and communication channels. Loop in your manager as necessary.

5.  Project Management & Pulse Checks

  • Keep the project on track with consistent communication. We recommend weekly check-ins.

  • Establish a plan to track progress and milestones. Provide feedback and update as necessary.

  • Please note: at this point the Stretch@KP team will not be in the loop of everything that is going on in your particular project - but know that you can reach out to us if you have any questions or need help communicating with your team or host. Email:

6.  Complete Project & Share 

  • Once the project is complete, celebrate!

  • Share feedback, reflect on what went well and what could be improved for next time.

  • Share your successes and outcomes with your manager and colleagues.

  • Update your resume, LinkedIn and Stretch@KP profile.

  • Invite others to join the community by sending them this “request to join” link.

  • Check out more projects and consider trying a new role such as hosting your own project.

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